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The Internet and the libraries of the nation have innumerable references to this long-debated issue. Below I have listed a few on the Internet and I intend to add to this as my research uncovers more. But I would seriously CAUTION everyone to check out any organization or website asking for donations to insure that your money would be spent with integrity. With the notable exception of the Convention of States Project (the first below), the inclusion of any such organization below does NOT imply any type of endorsement.

Convention of States Project

Friends of the Article V Convention

Article V Handbook by the American Legislative Exchange Council

US Term Limits

Wikipedia's background article on Term Limits

Wikipedia's Article on Using Legislatures to Intiate Amendments

William Murchison's Example of Why Term Limits Are Needed

Overview   The Proposed Amendment   State Resolution   Links on the Subject

If you want to help, please go to the Convention of States Project

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