Duryea-Murray-Walter Family History

For this section, I have found a great deal of information from two sources: A History of Long Island by William S. Pelletreau published in 1903, and The Descendants of Jonathan Murray of East Guilford CT by William B. Murray, published around 1900. Because of our family's proud relationship to Winston Churchill, I have also included the confluence of our family trees herein via the Murray family. With all of the lines, I have attempted to trace them back to the first of their line to immigrate to America, but I have been unsuccessful doing that with the Walter line, going back from my paternal grandmother's grandfather, George Kraus Walter, married to {8} Albina Landstreet (below).

{2} Joost (Joseph) Durie, b. in Burgundy, France, d. 1727 Brooklyn, NY, was a French Huguenot who fled France in anticipation of the 1685 revocation of the Edict of Nantes (which was to bring in persecution of any non-Catholics), settled in the Netherlands & m. Magdalena Le Fevre, another refugee, in 1660. In 1675, they immigrated to the American colonies & settled on Long Island, in Brooklyn. They had at least 1 son:

{3}Abraham Durie b. 1685, d. 1753, s/o Joost & Magdalene Durie, m. Elizabeth Polhemius, d/o Theodoris & Aertje Bogart Polhemius, & had at least 1 son:
{3} Jonathan Murray b. 1665 in Scotland, d. Aug 17 1747 in Ct, immigrated to the American colonies ~1685. He m. Anne Bradley (b. Nov 16 1669, d. Jun 1 1749) & had about 10 children, including this son:

{4} Daniel Durie b. 1718, d. 1810, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth Durie, m. Maragrieta/Margaret Koeck (b. 1722, d. 1777, a descendant of Laurens Cornelisen Koeck, another early NY settler from the Netherlands) & they had at least 1 son:
{4} Jehiel Murray b. Mar 28 1708 East Guilford Ct, d. Jun 17 1798 Litchfield Cty. Ct, s/o Jonathan & Anne Murray, m. Mary Way (b. Aug 7 1715, d. Oct 12 1806, d/o George & Lydia Sprague Way) on Nov 12 1733 in Guilford Ct. & they had 11 children, including this son:

{5} Gabriel Durie (who began to alter the spelling of his name to Duryea) b. Jun 3 1750 Flatbush NY, d. 1821, s/o Daniel & Margaret Durie, m. Phoebe Hoogland (b. Jun 27 1752 NY, d. May 24 1798 Glen Cove NY, d/o Cornelius & Sarah Woertman Hoogland) in 1770 & had at least 1 son:
{5} Reuben Murray b. Feb 17 1743 Canaan Ct, d. Nov 26 1810 Pompey NY, s/o Jehiel & Mary Murray, was a Lt. in the American Revolution. He m. Sarah Guthrie (b. Apr 30 1744 Woodbury Ct, d. 1792 Pompey NY, d/o John & Abigail Coe Guthrie of Stratford Ct) in 1766 & had 8 children, including these 2 daughters:

{6} Cornelius Duryea b. 1776, d. Jan 26 1844, s/o Gabriel & Phoebe Durie/Duryea, m. Jemima Van Hansen Van Nostrand (b. 1775, d. 1862) & had several children including:
{6} Mary Murray b. 1770 Canaan Ct, d. May 14 1817 Pompey NY, Reuben & Sarah Murray, m. Roger Carpenter (b. 1768, d. Apr 2 1840 Pompey NY, s/o Daniel Carpenter, a descendant of Joseph Carpenter who in 1668 acquired the land which became Glen Cove NY) in 1791 & had 7 children:
{6} Aurora Murray b. Jan 18 1785 Chatham NY, d. Apr 6 1867 New York NY, d/o Reuben & Sarah Murray, m. Isaac Jerome (b. Oct 26 1786, d. Jul 20 1866 Syracuse NY, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth Ball Jerome, who were descended from Timothy Jerome, a Huguenot who immigrated to New York in 1717 & who began his adult life wealthy but lost much on his part in the building of the Erie Canal) on Mar 18 1807 & had 11 children:

{7} Hendrick Vanderbilt Duryea b. Feb 26 1799 Glen Cove NY, d. Apr 1 1891 Glen Cove NY, s/o of Cornelius & Jemima Duryea. Hendrick – with his sons John, Hiram & Edgar – began in 1855 to build Glen Cove Manufacturing Co., the largest corn starch processing plant in the world at that time in Glen Cove. Their corn starch was marketed all over the U.S. & Europe, having won awards at international fairs in Brussels & Paris. He m. Elizabeth Zebulon Wright (b. Sep 12 1801, d. Jan 9 1881, d/o Zebulon & Catherine Gritman Wright, the latter of whom was descended from Mayflower passengers Edward & Faith Doty) on Dec 12 1819 & had 9 children:
{7} Philo Murray Carpenter b. Dec 8 1796 Oswego NY, d. Jun 1869 Oswego NY, s/o Roger & Mary Carpenter, m. Rhoda Hinman (b. 1805, d. 1844) in 1826 Southbury Ct. & had 6 children:
{7} John Landstreet (anglicized from Dutch birth name of Jurian Landstraat) b. Jan 17 1785 Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. Sep 22 1851, m. Anne Verlinda Orme (b. May 20 1792, d. May 12 1883 Baltimore Md, d/o Samuel Orme of Md) on Apr 18 1810 in Baltimore Md. & had at least 1 daughter:
{7} Leonard Walter Jerome b. Nov 3 1817 Pompey NY, d. Mar 3 1891 Brighton, England, s/o Isaac & Aurora Jerome, m. Clarissa "Clara" Hall (b. Jul 16 1825 Palmyra NY, d. Apr 2 1895 Tunbridge Wells, England, d/o Ambrose Hall) on Apr 5 1849 in Palmyra NY & had 4 daughters:

{8} John Duryea b. Jan 14 1827 Glen Cove NY, d. May 12 1907 Staunton Va (visiting, buried in Glen Cove NY), s/o of Hendrick & Elizabeth Duryea, m. Jane Aurora Carpenter (b. 1829 Oswego NY, d. 1892 Glen Cove NY, d/o Philo & Rhoda Carpenter) in Jun 1851 & had at least 1 daughter:
{8} Albina Landstreet b. ~1815, d. Dec 21 1858 Baltimore Md, d/o John & Ann Landstreet, m. George Kraus Walter (b. ~1812 Md, d. May 20 1895 Baltimore Md) in 1833 & had 8 children, the youngest of whom was:
         After Albina's death in 1858, George m. Susan "Susie" Risteau (b. Mar 1827, d. after 1900) & had 3 children: Susan Risteau "Susie," Leila (or Alettica) & William

{8} Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome b. Jan 9 1854 Brooklyn NY, d. Jun 29 1921 London, England, 2nd c/o Leonard & Clara Jerome, m. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill (b. Feb 13 1849 London, England, d. Jan 24 1895 London, England, 3rd s/o John Winston Spencer-Churchill, the 7th Duke of Marlboro & Lady Frances Anne Emily Vane) on Apr 15 1874 in the British Embassy in Paris, France & had 2 sons:

{9} Frank George Walter b. Sep 27 1854 Baltimore Md, d. Jul 24 1915 Baltimore Md (at Johns Hopkins while undergoing an operation for appendicitis), s/o George & Albina Walter, m. Emma Jerome Duryea (b. Jul 4 1866 Glen Cove NY, d. Feb 9 1934 Washington DC, d/o John & Jane Duryea) on Oct 26 1887 in Glen Cove NY & had 9 children:

{10} Gladys Virginia Walter b. Mar 8 1900 Brooklyn NY, d. Jul 16 1961 Memphis Tn., 6th c/o Frank & Emma Walter, m. Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams III (b. Jan 20 1896 Washington DC, d. Aug 31 1948 Memphis Tn, s/o John Sharp & Elizabeth Dial Webb Williams [See my research on the Williams line]) on Nov 3 1917 in Washington DC & had 5 children, the 1st two of which died in childbirth. The remaining are:
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