My Genealogical Research Into My Families: Williams, Sharps, Duryeas, Murrays, Walters, Gibbes, LeContes, Gibsons, Harpers, Cudds, Hairs, Thompsons, Kirkpatricks & Wyatts

Revised September 20, 2023                                                  

What follows are the results of my genealogical research I have been pursuing over the last ten or more years. My initial curiosity was piqued when my father handed down to me before he passed away, the Williams-Sharp Family Bible, started by another Christopher Harris Williams nicknamed Kit – the son of the first Kit Williams actually (in our family) – back in 1858. I first transcribed all of the family births, marriages and deaths contained therein. Then I put that transcription on this, my website, here. I then began to add to that using various sources from memories of my own and other family memories, the Internet naturally and other writings I have found. Then adding to the Williams-Sharp lineages, I began to work with several cousins to trace my paternal grandmother's lineage back through the Walters, the Duryeas and the Murrays. Next, I built on some thorough research into my wife's father's family and have documented her paternal lineage through the Gibbes and LeConte lines. And then, against all warnings from my maternal grandfather (see its introduction), I tackled my mother's lineage (the Gibson-Harper section) and found her mother and father's complete lineage back to their immigration to America. Next, I took up research on my mother-in-law's lineage – the Cudds and the Hairs. Finally, I decided to work on one of my sons-in-law's paternal ancestors – the Thompsons, Kirkpatricks, and Wyatts. In each, I have highlighted those that immigrated to America. At the end of each of the sections, I have included a bibliography.

I have used a style that I have invented which lumps all of each generation together. In each of the descriptions below, the leading number in curly braces - {} - preceding each entry is my arbitrary Generation Number (from older to younger) in order to help keep the various generations straight. Each section potentially begins with a different generation number in order to keep them all in sync with respect to current generations. Also, any listed child who appears later as a member of the next generation will simply have the years of birth & death and a reference to the next generation such that all pertinent information about that individual is in one place. In addition to births, deaths and marriages, I have added some descriptions of certain family members who attained some level of fame or accomplishment. If persons were known by other than their first name, I have indicated by underlining or quotation marks, wherever I could discover this, such as in bible entries, by personal recollection or in other contemporary documents, like census notations.

Finally, "child of", "daughter of" and "son of" are shortened to "c/o", "d/o" and "s/o" and born, married and died are abbreviated to b. m. and d. I use the tilde (~) to indicate "circa" or "about," the modern-day 2-character postal code for American states and colonies, "incl." for includes or including and "Cty" is used for county.

And, please note that – in order to protect the privacy of living individuals – the genealogies do not include current generations.

So, to begin, click or tap any of the "buttons" on the left and dive in.

For purposes of assisting other genealogists, here are most of the other surnames in each of the families:

Adams Alexander Allen Allison Armstrong Axtell Barker Baxter Beal Bevin Bishop Bland Blaney Boyce Boyd Bridger Brinkman Browne Burdette Busby Byrd Calvert Canterbury Chubbuck Clark(e) Cocke Crawford Creven Curtis Dabney Davis Day Dial Dickins Drew Edmondson England English Engs Ewell Firth Fleming Flood Fowler Frierson Fulton Glenn Goodwyn Graves Gray Green Gregory Guy Harris Harrison Harwood Haskins Hatcher Henderson Hepburne Herbert Hinds Horsmanden Howie Jones Jordan Jouett Keeling Kimbrough Kincheloe Lambert Lanier Law Lord Lupton Mason McKnitt Miller Montague Moore Morgan Murray Moore Ogilvie Osgood Overton Paddy Phillips Pickett Prime Randolph Rawlings Ridley Riske Sallee Sanford Scott Sherwood Simpson Singleton Smith Southgate Sprowle Stacy Staniforth Stone Stuart Sumner Tarleton Thompson Tucker Underwood Valentine Vincent Waite Wallace Ward Washington Waters Watts Way Webb White Williamson Winn Witt Womack Young
Andrews Barnes Bassett Bedell Bergen Birdseye Bogaert Bradley Brashears Bryer Buddington Carpenter Chadd Chapman Clarke Coe Cole(s) Dayton Doty Doyne Durie Ellison England Fairchild Feake Fitch Fones Fowler Gage Githings Gorton Greenfield Griswold Graves Gritman Guthrie Hawkshurst Hawkins Hawley Hinman Holbrook Hoogland Hawley Jacobsen James Jenner Jerome Judson Koeck Landstreet Latting Lawrence LeFevre Logue Ludlam Mackensie MacKnew Mandeville Maplett Marlow May Millbanke Mitchell Morton Mott Nest Nostrand Nyssen O'Neill Orme Parsons Pease Polhemus Porter Preston Prior Rapalje Reyersen Reyniers Richards Rishton Salee Sales Schenck Scovill Seabrook Shaw Smith Sodelaers Southard Sprague Sprong Steenwyck Stiles Stone Strycker Suebering Taylor Tricault Thompson Townsend Truman Twinbarowe Urquehart VanDerVeer VanDerWerven VanFlaesbeck VanNostrand Vigne Volckertszen Wakeman Way Wharton Wheeler Wight Williams Woertman Wright
Adams Alexander Allcock Allerton Andrews Anthony Ashby Attwool Bacon Baker Baldwin Barcroft Barnard Bassett Bayeux Bayley Belcher Beresford Berkeley Bernard Berringer Birdsall Bishop Blanchard Blower Bonnell Boridge Boucher Boudinot Bowling Boyd Brackett Brevard Broughton Bryan Burdett Burr Burroughs Carver Cary Charlton Chevalier Childs Chisholm Citte Clark Coffley Cooper Corderoy Cotton Croshaw Culcheck Culcheth Cullen Curtis Davenport Davis DeLiesseline DeValleau Dingee Dinwiddie Earpe Eastland Eaton Edwards Embree Emery Flake French Fossaker Fowke Giles Glover Gobard Goodwyn Graves Griffith Guignard Hall Hart Harvey Hasell Heyward Hinds Hoke Hollister Horry Hoskins Jacquelin Johnson Jones Jordan Kelly Kirby Knight Lumpkin Luten Mahault Mallett Marsh Martiau Mason Mayhew McWhorter Moore Moorman Mott Murray Nelson Neil Nisbet Norwood Offley Osborne Paine Papin Paroissienne Pendlebury Penny Perkins Perrault Perriman Phippen Pinckard Pinckney Poinsett Pratt Price Priest Prigg Pringle Quarterman Radcliffe Reade Rice Richardson Rion Robinson Ross Roy Rush Sallee Sampson Sanders Scarsbrook Scott Seaman Seton Shatswell Shirley Slann Smith Staples Sumner Swann Swift Taunton Taylor Thomas Thompson Thorowgood Towneley VanGorcum Varin Walker Wardell Waring Warner Waties Way Webster Wells Weston Whitehead Williams Wilmot Wilson Withers Woodruff Woodward Wythe
Bortz Clark Commons Dixon Eastwick Frank Foy Galloway Hanvey Harrison Hutchisson Kahmer Kunkel Mackey Moser Oram Oswald Reintzheimer Scarett Shearer Walton Ward Willinson
Adenstone Ashton Austen Bagly Bailey Ballenger Barbour Barnham Bastrop Bates Bathurst Baumgartner Beale Belo Bennett Bernard Bickford Birdsall Bish Bishop Blackwell Bodwrda Booker Boteler Boucelaire Bowman Box Boyle Boylston Brannon Braswell Brooks Brown(e) Bryan Bryant Bundick Burdett Burgess Burton Butler Carn Cator Christian Clairborne Clark(e) Cloud Cocke Cole Coleman Collins Colston Condon Conner Conrad Cook(e) Cordray Crump Dandridge Devey Doniphan Douglas Downing Draden Drakeford Dreher Drury Dudley DuSauchoy Eaton Eppes Eskew Etheridge Evans Fair Felder Foster Fuller Funck Gibson Gill Glascock Glover Golson Gooch Goodloe Goodman Gulledge Hall Hammond Hardin Harman Harmon Harris Harwood Hatcher Hawkins Hawkinson Hayes Henerey Hernlund Herr Hill Hobbs Hodgson Hogue Holman Horger Hume Hunter Huse Hussey Inabnit Ireland Jacobus James Jansen Jasper Jones Jordan Jowers Juet Koger Lawrence Lawson Ledford Lee Lemacks Lewis Lipscomb Littlebury Majer Mansfield Marcy Martiau McFaddin McGehee McQuillan Meese Meriwether Miles Milhous Miller Minor Mitchell Montague Mord Morgan Moore Morris Murray Muse Nappa Nash Neale Negely Newman Newport Nichols Norwood Owen(s) Parker Parry Partridge Pawlett Pettus Phillipson Pinchine Plune Polk Poole Pope Prisfield Puckle Quillan Ragland Rawlings Reade Reed Rice Riley Roberts Rossignol Rutherford Sampson Sandford Saxton Schaumloffel Sewell Sheppard Sleigh Smith Spence Spillman Staley Stovall Strobel Sturman Swann Tandy Tasher Taylor Thomas Thorne Tolleson Tompkins Towneley Travers Triplett Tucke Turner Ulmer Vaulx Vawter Veale Vernia Vivion Waber Wagstaff Wales Warner Washington Watson Webster Wedd Weeks Whitbread Whitlock Whitmore Whittington Wilkes Williams Williamson Wilson Winnifred Wood Woodhouse Woolen Wright Yeats Youell
Andring Ashton Baldridge Barnet Barker Bartholomew Bassett Bastrop Bates Baylye Beall Beckingham Bethel Bibb Bickford Bigelow Bishop Black Bolling Bowen Boyd Brading Britian Brooke Brooks Bryson Bucke Buckner Burrus Burwell Butler Byers Carr Carson Carter Cator Champe Chappel Chiles Christie Christopher Churchill Clarke Clement Clifton Cocke Cole Conyors Corbin Davis Dedman Devenish Dickens Dickerson Dinwiddie Dorsey Douthit Dowell Drake Elrod Eltonhead Ennow Ferguson Fisher Flagg Fleming Folliot Foster Foxall Gains Garland Gary Gaskins Gatewood Gerard Gershom Giles Glascocke Godfrey Graves Gregory Griggs Hall Handley Hansford Hardridge Harris Harrison Haynes Hendrick Heward Higginson Hill Hilton Hobart Holmes Hord Hosey Hovey Howard Howe Hudson Hull Humbles Hunter Irvine Jackson Jones Kent Kennon Kirkpatrick Kilpatrick Landing Landon Lane Leader Lear Littlebury Littlepage Lobdell Longbotham Love Ludlow Lygon Lyon Major Manning Martiau Martin Maudlin McCall McClure McCracken McGee McGehee McLean Meese Miller Mims Monroe Moore Morris Mottrom Mundy Newgate Norseworthy Noyes O'Carroll Osborne Pamplin Patterson Payton Peck Pemberton Perry Pettus Phillips Piersey Pitt Pope Poythress Ragland Randolph Rankshaw Reade Redd Richardson Roberts Rogers Rolfe Roscow Rowland Russell Savage Shepherd Smith Spence Spencer Stafford Stevens Stewart Stourton Swain Taliaferro Talley Tarleton Taylor Thomsone Thornborough Thornton Tokesay Towneley Tucke Vaughan Warner Warren Washington Watt Wells Wharton Wheeler Whiting Whitley Whitmere Williams Wilson Winston Wofford Wood Woodward Worsham Wyatt Yeo
Adair Amweg Artz Barends Beasley Blakely Brandon Burwell Cooper Copeland Coppock Corbitt Couvenhouven Covenhoven Crane Cutter Dally Divver Easley Evans Ferguson Fidler Hartzog Henry Holland Jones Kauffman Leake Lear Lee Ligon Little Llewellyn Mask McClung Obee Parker Parks Price Quiggle Roberson Rolfe Salley Schenck Skillern Spencer Spires Stone Strickler Strycker Swarr Towers Tyson White Wilkes Wise Wooden Wyckoff Wynne

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