My Genealogical Research Into My Families: Williams, Sharps, Duryeas, Murrays, Walters, Gibbes, LeContes, Gibsons, Harpers, Cudds, Hairs, Thompsons, Kirkpatricks & Wyatts

What follows are the results of my genealogical research I have been pursuing over the last ten or more years. My initial curiosity was piqued when my father handed down to me before he passed away, the Williams-Sharp Family Bible, started by another Christopher Harris Williams nicknamed Kit – the son of the first Kit Williams actually (in our family) – back in 1858. I first transcribed all of the family births, marriages and deaths contained therein. Then I put that transcription on this, my website, here. I then began to add to that using various sources from memories of my own and other family memories, the Internet naturally and other writings I have found. Then adding to the Williams-Sharp lineages, I began to work with several cousins to trace my paternal grandmother's lineage back through the Walters, the Duryeas and the Murrays. Next, I built on some thorough research into my wife's father's family and have documented her paternal lineage through the Gibbes and LeConte lines. And then, against all warnings from my maternal grandfather (see its introduction), I tackled my mother's lineage (the Gibson-Harper section) and found her mother and father's complete lineage back to their immigration to America. Next, I took up research on my mother-in-law's lineage – the Cudds and the Hairs. Finally, I decided to work on one of my sons-in-law's paternal ancestors – the Thompsons, Kirkpatricks, and Wyatts. In each, I have highlighted those that immigrated to America. At the end of each of the sections, I have included a bibliography.

I have used a style that I have invented which lumps all of each generation together. In each of the descriptions below, the leading number in curly braces - {} - preceding each entry is my arbitrary Generation Number (from older to younger) in order to help keep the various generations straight. Each section potentially begins with a different generation number in order to keep them all in sync with respect to current generations. Also, any listed child who appears later as a member of the next generation will simply have the years of birth & death and a reference to the next generation such that all pertinent information about that individual is in one place. In addition to births, deaths and marriages, I have added some descriptions of certain family members who attained some level of fame or accomplishment. If persons were known by other than their first name, I have indicated by underlining or quotation marks, wherever I could discover this, such as in bible entries, by personal recollection or in other contemporary documents, like census notations.

Finally, "child of", "daughter of" and "son of" are shortened to "c/o", "d/o" and "s/o" and born, married and died are abbreviated to b. m. and d. I use the tilde (~) to indicate "circa" or "about," the modern-day 2-character postal code for American states and colonies, incl. for includes or including and "Cty" is used for county.

And, please note that – in order to protect the privacy of living individuals – the genealogies do not include current generations.

So, to begin, click or tap any of the "buttons" on the left and dive in.

For purposes of assisting other genealogists, here are most of the other surnames in each of the families:

Williams-Sharp: Alexander Allison Armstrong Axtell Barker Bevin Bridger Canterbury Dabney Davis Day Dial Dickins Edmondson Firth Fleming Flood Frierson Fulton Glenn Gregory Harris Harwood Henderson Jones Jordan Jouett Keeling Kimbrough Kincheloe Lambert Lanier Law McKnitt Lambert Murray Moore Ogilvie Overton Phillips Pickett Rawlings Ridley Scott Simpson Smith Southgate Tarleton Wallace Washington Watts Webb White Williamson Winn Womack Young
Duryea-Murray-Walter: Barnes Bradley Brashears Carpenter Clarke Doty Durie England Fairchild Griswold Gritman Guthrie Hawkins Hinman Holbrook Hoogland Jenner Jerome Judson Koeck Landstreet Latting LeFevre Mandeville Mitchell Orme Polhemus Preston Richards Scovill Stiles Taylor Thompson VanDerVeer VanDerWerven VanNostrand Way Wight Wright
Gibbes-LeConte: Adams Allerton Anthony Ashby Bacon Baker Bayley Boyd Brevard Charlton Childs Chisholm Clark Cooper Culcheck Davis DeLiesseline DeValleau Dinwiddie Eaton Edwards French Fossaker Fowke Giles Goodwyn Guignard Hall Hart Harvey Hasell Heyward Hoke Jacquelin Lumpkin Mahault Mason McWhorter Moore Nelson Neil Nisbet Osborne Poinsett Pringle Quarterman Richardson Rion Robinson Ross Roy Sanders Scott Seton Shirley Slann Smith Taylor Thomas Thompson Walker Waties Weston Wilson Woodward
Gibson-Harper: Common Frank Foy Galloway Hanvey Hutchisson Kahmer MacKey Oram Shearer Walton
Cudd-Hair: Bailey Ballenger Bates Baumgartner Bishop Blackwell Bowman Box Boylston Brannon Bryant Brown(e) Bryant Burgess Burton Carn Clark Cloud Conner Drury Felder Glover Golson Goodloe Hardin Harman Harmon Hawkinson Hayes Henerey Hernlund Herr Horger Huse Inabnit Jones Jowers Koger Lee Lipscomb McFaddin McGehee Miller Murray Muse Negely Owens Polk Poole Pope Quillan Reed Riley Schaumloffel Smith Staley Stovall Sturman Taylor Tolleson Triplett Ulmer Vaulx Wood
Thompson-Kirkpatrick-Wyatt: Bassett Bibb Byers Chiles Cole Davis Ferguson Fleming Foster Harris Hill Howard Jones Love McCracken McGee McGehee Mundy Pamplin Rogers Talley Thornton Vaughan Washington Wells Wheeler Wood

Also, of interest to other genealogists, these are the principal resources on the Internet (not including those who only do the DNA service):

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★ (Free – one of the very best resources)
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(This is the Mormon's site, but with the whole world building one & only one tree, I find it troublesome at times)
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★   Cyndi's List (Free - but with thousands of links, it can be overwhelming!)
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(I must say I have found this site to be full of terribly wrong information!)

                                # I have not personally tried these.


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