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Flying In

The closest airport is Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). It is about 20 miles (20-to-40 minutes depending on traffic) north of the Pawleys Island/Litchfield area. The airport is serviced by:








A taxi between the airport and the Pawleys area will cost $40-to-60. A taxi should only be considered if you are meeting someone else who will have a car, since some kind of vehicle is pretty much required in this area.

For more information see Myrtle Beach Airport Info

An alternative airport is Charleston SC (CHS), but in general it has less service than MYR (except for Southwest Airlines which many like) and requires a drive of well over an hour since it is about 80 miles south of Pawleys/Litchfield and includes urban and standard highway driving. There is no practical public transportation option.

Driving Directions

Mileage from some specific locations are approximately:

Driving to Pawleys Island is a bit tricky. The Waccamaw River is a natural barrier with no crossing between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Therefore, you must choose between two approaches -- through either Myrtle Beach or Georgetown. Two example itineraries follow; adapt one of them to your drive or enter the ZIP Code 29585 at an online mapping service like
Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Mapquest.

If you are driving from the west (Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte) travel by Interstate to Columbia SC. From Columbia, follow US-378 east in the direction of Sumter. About 25 miles outside of Columbia (before you get to Sumter), take a slight right on SC-261. Proceed south through Pinewood to Manning (about 30 mi), where you take US-521 south through Andrews to Georgetown (about 60 mi). From Georgetown follow US-17 north to Pawleys Island/Litchfield area (about 20 mi).

Coming up from the south (Savannah, Florida), there are many options but the main two depend on whether you'd like a glimpse of Charleston. If so, get to it via I-95 and I-26 and then follow US-17 north to Georgetown (see above). If not, get off I-95 at Manning (Exit 119) and take US-521 south (see above).

Coming from points further to the north, you should probably exit I-95 at Oak Grove/Latta (Exit 181) and take SC-38 and then US-501 to Conway SC. However you might get there, from Conway, follow US-501 east in the direction of Myrtle Beach. About 15 miles from Conway, turn right onto US-17 (Bypass) south toward Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island and Georgetown. Follow US-17 south about 20 miles to the Pawleys Island/Litchfield area.

In case you need to drive to or from the Myrtle Beach airport, this latter route passes it. It is just a few miles south of the intersection of 501 & 17.

Once near Pawleys Island, you might see our MAP to help you get to your lodging.

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