Herein I present my guide to the
little piece of paradise we call PAWLEYS.

The area is also referred to as Pawleys Island and/or Litchfield Beach and also the Waccamaw Neck. It is part of the South Carolina Grand Strand which runs along the Atlantic coast from the North Carolina border, through Myrtle Beach and Pawleys to the town of Georgetown. This web site contains pictures, information about how to get to Pawleys and an orientation to the area. There are lists of hotels and real estate agencies where you can seek out lodging and guides to restaurants, local attractions and the closest of the dozens of golf courses in the area.

The term Pawleys Island really has three meanings. First, and most historically, there is the physical barrier island itself which has been incorporated as the town of Pawleys Island. This part lies on the Atlantic Ocean separated from the mainland by salt marshes and reached across either of two causeways. Second, there is the "Community of Pawleys Island," so indicated by signs on US-17 from Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Boulevard on the north to a mile or so south of the South Causeway. It includes all of the area from the island itself westward to the Waccamaw River. And, third, there is the Pawleys Island ZIP Code, 29585. The Pawleys Island Post Office serves everything on the Waccamaw Neck from Winyah Bay north to the southern edge of Murrells Inlet (29586). This includes the three beaches known as some version of the Litchfield name.

Watch the county's video on the area's attractions

For an initial orientation to the area:

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