Williams & Sharp Family History

For this section, I began with my interpretation of the Williams-Sharp family bible which I have now. Then, a significant note of gratitude goes out to Scott K. Williams of Florissant MO, for he performed years of work and added tremendously to the wealth of knowledge of the Williams clan. By his reckoning, among all the different Williams families in the U.S., ours is a part of "DNA Group 12," i.e. the descendants of John Williams, born in Wales in 1679 and migrated to the Colonies in the 1690's. Scott's web site is no longer on the Internet, at least that I can find, so I have captured one of his last occurrences and show it here. I have also tried to trace back as far as possible many lines other than just the Williamses and Sharps, for example, the Harrises, Ridleys, Allisons, Ogilvies and McKnitts. (The last surname is confusing because it comes from early Scot-Ulster families and has been spelled many ways, from MacNaughton to McNitt to McKnight.)

{1} Alexander Fleming b. 1595 Scotland, d. Aug 27 1686 New Kent Va. m. Judith Ursula Tarleton (b. 1621 New Kent, Va, d. Feb 7 1714 New Kent, Va.) in 1660 in New Kent Va. & had a daughter:
{1} Arthur H. Jordan b. 1595 Surrey, England, d. 1635 Surry Cty, Va. m. Mary Rawlings (b. 1600 Suffolk, England, d. 1655 Surry Cty, Va.) in Jamestown Va & had 5 children, the 4th of whom was a son:

{2} George Keeling b. 1654 Wales, d. 1708 Va, m. Ursula Fleming (b. 1653 Goochland Cty. Va, d. 1697 Granville Cty. NC, d/o Alexander & Judith Fleming) in 1680 & had a daughter:
{2} John Washington b. Mar 14 1631 England, d. ~1661 Surry Cty, Va, m. Mary Flood, twice widowed (b. ~1630, d. ~1680 Surry Cty, Va, 1st m. to Richard Blunt, 2nd m. to Charles Ford, & after John died, m. to Henry Briggs) in 1658 & had a son:
{2} Arthur H. Jordan II b. 1627 Jamestown Va, d. Jan 3 1698 Jamestown Va, s/o Arthur & Mary Jordan, m. Elizabeth Bevin (b. 1630 Jamestown Va, d. Sep 28 1698 Surry Cty, Va.) in 1654 & had a daughter:
{2} George Williamson b. Feb 6 1653 Isle of Wight Va, d. Apr 26 1721 Isle of Wight Va, s/o Robert M. & Joan Allen Williamson, immigrants from England, m. Esther Bridger (b. ~1653 Isle of Wight Va, d. 1688 Isle of Wight Va, d/o Joseph & Esther Pitt Bridger, immigrants from England) in 1678 & had many children, incl. a son:
{2} Thomas Davis b. 1675 Isle of Wight Va, d. Mar 4 1721 Isle of Wight Va, s/o John & Mary Davis, immigrants from England, m. Elizabeth (maiden surname unknown, b.~1675 Isle of Wight Va) ~1692 & had several children, incl. a daughter:
{2} John McKnitt b. 1630 Ireland, d. 1708 Somerset Cty. Md, immigrated to the colonies in the mid 1600's & settled on the peninsula of the Md. colony. In the 1650's, he m. Elizabeth Wallace (b. May 5 1632 Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1708 Somerset Cty. Md) & had at least 2 children:
{2} Matthew Wallace b. 1640 Raphoe, Ireland, d. 1716 Somerset Cty. Md, m. Elizabeth Alexander (b. 1640 Raphoe, Ireland, d. 1692 Somerset Cty. Md) & had 15 children, the 1st of whom was a daughter:

{3} John Williams (in some suspect writings referred to as a bishop; also sometimes contrarily called the "Wealthy Welshman," some have said his full name was Jonathan Drayton Williams) b. Jan 26 1679 Llangollen, Wales, d. 1741 NC. He migrated to the American colonies in the 1690's settling in Hanover Cty, Va. just north of Richmond. He m. Mary Keeling (b. Sep 26 1684 New Kent, Va, d. 1730 Va. d/o George & Ursula Keeling) in 1704 & had 8 children:
{3} Richard Washington b. Sep 5 1660 Prince George Cty. Va, d. May 19 1725 Surry Cty. Va, s/o John & Mary Washington, m. Elizabeth Jordan (b. Apr 12 1660 Surry Cty. Va, d. May 21 1735 Surry Cty. Va, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth Jordan) in ~1681 & had several children, incl. a daughter:
{3} George Williamson Jr. b. 1691 Isle of Wight Va, d. Mar 10 1742 Goochland Va. s/o George & Esther Williamson, m. Frances Davis (b. 1695 Isle of Wight Va, d. Jun 26 1769 Amelia Va, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Davis of Isle of Wight Va) on Mar 4 1722 in Isle of Wight Va & had several children, 1 of whom was a son:
{3} William Harris b. ~1652 New Kent Cty. Va, d. Mar 8 1687 Weyanoke Va, s/o Robert & Mary Harris, immigrants from Wales, m. Temperance Overton (b. 1657 Hanover Cty. Va, d. 19 Feb 1710 Hanover Cty. Va, d/o William & Mary Walters Overton, immigrants from Cromwell's England) in Edgecombe Cty. NC & had at least 1 son:
{3} James Anderson Glenn b. Sep 15 1664 Accomack Cty. Va, d. 1756 Accomack Cty. Va, s/o James & Catherine Glenn, m. Mourning Winn (b. 1668 Accomack Cty. Va, d. 1750 Accomack Cty. Va, d/o Samuel & Sarah Minor Winn, immigrants from Scotland) & had at least 1 daughter:
{3} Richard Harris b. ~1694, d. ~1745, s/o Richard - great-grandchild of an English immigrant, m. Margaret Kimbrough (b. Hanover Cty. Va, d. ~1745, d/o John & Elizabeth Bradley Kimbrough) in 1739 in Edgecombe Cty. NC & had at least 1 son:
{3} Joseph Alexander b. 1660 Raphoe, Ireland, d. Mar 9 1730 Cecil Cty. Md, immigrated to the colonies in 1676, m. Abigail McKnitt (b. 1667 Somerset Cty. Md, d. Dec 23 1714 Cecil Cty. Md, d/o John & Elizabeth McKnitt) & had 6 children, the last of whom was a son:
{3} John McKnitt II b. 1660 Somerset Cty. Md, d. Dec 23 1714 Cecil Cty. Md, s/o John & Elizabeth McKnitt, m. 2nd Jane Wallace (b. 1662 Somerset Cty. Md, d. 1698 Somerset Cty. Md, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth Wallace). John had 1 child with his 1st wife & 1 with his 3rd; with Jane, they had 3 children, the 1st of whom was a daughter:
{3} John Moore b. Jul 21 1659 London, England, d. Dec 2 1732 Philadelphia Pa, came to the Colonies in 1680, held several offices in the Colony of Carolina until 1693 when he moved to Philadelphia where he held many Pa. colonial offices also. In 1685 in Charles Town, Carolina, he m. Rebecca Axtell (b. ~1665 England, d. 1749 Chester Cty. Pa) in 1685 & they had ~10 children, the 1st of whom was a son:

{4} John Williams b. Jul 26 1704 Hanover Cty. Va, d. ~1735 Hanover Cty. Va, 1st c/o John & Mary Williams, m. Mary Womack (b.~1704) & had 5 children, the oldest of whom was:
{4} Daniel Williams b. Sep 28 1710 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Nov 15 1757 Granville NC, 4th c/o John & Mary Williams, m. Ursula Clark Henderson (b. 1709, d. 1765) on Oct 19 1732 & had 7 children:
{4} Nathaniel Williams b. Dec 2 1712 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Sep 1766 Charlottesville Va, 5th c/o John & Mary Williams, m. Elizabeth Lanier Washington (b. Jun 21 1717 Westmoreland Cty. Va, d. Feb 5 1761 Gloucester Cty. Va, d/o Richard & Elizabeth Washington) in ~1738 & had 7 children:
{4} Joseph Williams b. Jan 1 1721 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Oct 1 1792 Elbert Cty. Ga, 8th c/o John & Mary Williams, m. Henrietta Jouett (b. Apr 20 1727 New Kent Va, d. ~1779, d/o Matthew & Susannah Price Moore Jouett of New Kent Va.) in ~1746 & had 2 children:
{4} Thomas Williamson b. ~1722 Isle of Wight Va, d. Feb 1758 Lunenburg Cty, Va, s/o George & Frances Williamson, m. Martha Jones (b. ~1725 Va, d. 1756 Wales) & had at least 2 daughters:
{4} Robert Overton Harris b. 1696 New Kent Cty. Va, d. Aug 8 1765 Albemarle Cty. Va, s/o William & Temperance Harris, m. Mourning Gleason Glenn (b. Mar 3 1702 Accomack Cty. Va, d. May 8 1775 Albemarle Cty. Va, d/o James & Mourning Glenn) on Jan 30 1720 & had 10 children, incl. 2 sons:
{4} Richard Simpson Jr. b. Jan 9 1723 Fairfax Cty. Va, d. Jul 22 1785 Caswell Cty. NC, s/o Richard & Sarah Elizabeth Barker Simpson, m. Mary Kincheloe (b. 1719 Franham, Va, d. Jul 9 1798 Caswell Cty. NC, d/o John & Elizabeth Canterbury Kincheloe) in Fairfax Cty. Va & had several children, the 1st of whom was a daughter:
{4} William Ogilvie b. 1690 Ireland, immigrated to the colony of Virginia & m. Elizabeth "Bettie" Riske in 1716 or 1717 in Middlesex Cty. Va. & had at least 1 son:
{4} Robert Harris b. ~1710, d. 1786 Granville Cty. NC, s/o Richard & Margaret Harris, m. Leminder Smith (b. ~1713 NC) in 1732 & had at least 1 daughter:
{4} James Sharp immigrated to the American Colonies from Ireland in 1712. He had at least 1 son:
{4} James Robert Alexander b. 1690 or 1695 Somerset Cty. Md, d. May 31 1779 Cecil Cty. Md, s/o Joseph & Abigail McKnitt Alexander, m. his 1st cousin, Margaret McKnitt (b. Dec 26 1693 Somerset Cty. Md, d. Jul 31 1736 Cecil Cty. Md, d/o John & Jane Wallace McKnitt) in 1720 & had 9 children, the 5th of whom was a daughter:
{4} John Moore b. Aug 11 1686 Charles Town, Carolina, d. Oct 29 1749 New York NY, s/o John & Rebecca Moore, was an Alderman of NYC, a member of the King's Council for the Province of NY & a Colonel in the British Army. He m. Frances Lambert (b. Apr 17 1692 New York NY, d. Mar 21 1782 New York NY, d/o Daniel & Frances Brinkman Lambert, Huguenot immigrants) on Dec 9 1713 in New York NY & had 18 children of whom the 17th was a son:

{5} Nathaniel Williams Jr. b. Oct 1 1741 Va, d. Jan 25 1805 by drowning in a swollen stream in Rockingham Cty. NC, 3rd c/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth Williams, was a member of the NC provisional Congress & fought in the American Revolution. He m. Mary Ann Williamson (b. Dec 12 1744 Va, d. Apr 15 1831 NC, sister of Betsy (below) who m. his brother John, d/o Thomas & Martha Williamson) in ~1763 & had 9 children:
{5} John Williams b. 1745 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Oct 1799 Caswell Cty. NC, 2nd c/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth Williams, was in the British Army during the French & Indian War & was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Hillsboro Minute Men in the American Revolution; later promoted to Colonel of the 9th NC Line. He served under George Washington in NJ & under Nathaniel Green in NC. He m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Williamson (b. early 1744 Lunenburg Cty. Va, d. Apr 15 1831 NC, the sister of Mary Ann (above) who m. his brother Nat, d/o Thomas & Martha Williamson) on Mar 9 1767 in Lunenburg Cty. Va. & had 3 children:
{5} Joseph "Joe" Williams b. Mar 27 1748 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Aug 11 1827 Surry Cty. NC, 5th c/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth Williams, served in the provisional Congress of NC & the Continental Army in the Revolution, was known as the Duke of Surry & built a plantation called Panther Creek. He m. Rebecca Lanier (b. Jan 27 1757, d. Mar 20 1832, d/o Thomas & Frances Lanier) at Oxford, NC on Sep 16 1772 & had 10 children:
{5} Christopher Overton Harris b. Feb 5 1725 Albemarle Cty. Va, d. Mar 14 1794 Madison Cty. Ky, s/o Robert & Mourning Harris, m. Mary Dabney (b. Dec 25 1726 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Jun 1757 Hanover Cty. Va, d/o Cornelius & Sarah Ann Jennings Dabney) on Feb 22 1745 in Va. & had 7 children, incl.:
        After his 1st wife Mary died, he m. Agnes McCord (d/o John McCord) in Albemarle Cty. Va in 1762 & migrated to Madison Cty. Ky, where he acquired a large tract of land & had 10 more children. He was known to be one of the early pioneer settlers of Kentucky, good friends with Daniel Boone & visited often at Boonesborough

{5} Tyree Harris b. Apr 8 1728 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Sep 1 1786 Caswell Cty. NC, s/o Robert & Mourning Harris, m. Mary Ann "Mollie" Simpson (b. 1741 Fairfax Cty. Va, d. Sep 1 1786 Caswell Cty. NC [No explanation found for why they died on the same day.], d/o Richard & Mary Simpson) in Jan 1755 in Hanover Cty. NC & had several children, incl. a daughter:
{5} Robert Allison b. 1720 Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1797 Granville Cty. NC, m. Jeanette Sprowle (b. Aug 28 1725 Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1802 Granville Cty. NC) on Jul 10 1746 in Paisley, Scotland, immigrated to the colony of North Carolina & in 1757 had at least 1 child:
{5} William Ogilvie II b. Aug 17 1728 Va, d. Feb 6 1813 College Grove Tn, s/o William & Bettie Ogilvie, m. Mary Harris (b. 1735 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Jul 20 1807 College Grove Tn, d/o Robert & Leminder Harris). In 1800, they moved to & settled in Williamson Cty, Tn. in the College Grove area, building one of its first log homes. They had at least 1 daughter:
{5} John Sharp b. 1727 Ireland, s/o James Sharp, m. Jemima Alexander (b. Jan 9 1727 Cecil Cty. Md, d. Sep 1 1797 Charlotte NC, d/o James & Margaret Alexander) & had at least 1 son:
{5} George Thomas Ridley b. Jan 11 1737 Guilford Cty. NC, d. Nov 29 1835 Nashville Tn, m. for his 2nd wife, Sarah "Sally" Vincent (b. May 1 1754 Tn, d. Mar 20 1836 Nashville Tn) in ~1760 & had 8 children incl. a son:
{5} John Richardson Harwood b. ~1752 Sussex Cty. Va, d. Mar 7 1823 Nashville Tn, m. Mary Murray (b. 1756 Southampton Cty. Va, d. ~1790 Southampton Cty. Va, d/o Alexander Murray 1728-1784 of Southampton Cty. Va) in Dec 1772 in Southampton Cty. Va. & had at least 1 daughter:
{5} James William Webb b. Dec 5 1705 Essex Cty. NC, d. Apr 11 1771 Essex Cty. NC, s/o Richard & Mary Sanford Webb, m. Mary Ann Edmondson (b. 1712 Essex Cty. Va, d. May 5 1794 NC) on Feb 20 1731 in Essex Cty. Va. & had at least 1 son:
{5} Robert Dickins b.~1742 Wiltshire, England, d. ~1803 Granville Cty. NC, m. Mary Wilson Browne (b. 1752 Norfolk Va, d. Dec 1809 Person Cty. NC, d/o Jesse & Elizabeth Ridley Browne) & had several children, incl. a son:
{5} Stephen A. Moore b. Oct 30 1734 New York NY, d. May 20 1799 Person Cty, NC, s/o John & Frances Moore, was a hero with the British Army during the French & Indian Wars who renounced the Tory beliefs of his family & became a renowned General in the Revolutionary War. He also spent a year during the war as a prisoner of the British. The present day site of West Point was his inherited private estate which he sold to the new US government in 1790, having moved his family in 1775 to a plantation he named Mount Tirzah in Person Cty, NC. As his 2nd wife, he m. Grizey Phillips (b. Feb 18 1748 Southborough Ma, d. Jan 14 1822 Person Cty, NC, d/o John & Anna Phillips) on Dec 25 1768 in Quebec (having been assigned there by the British Army) & had 10 children, the 3rd of whom was a daughter:
{5} Paul Fulton b. July 16 1754 Midway Ga, d. 1782 Kings Mountain NC, s/o Samuel Litton Fulton who was the s/o David Fulton, an Irish immigrant, m. Sarah Osgood (b. Mar 13 1754 Midway Ga, d.1776) on Aug 9 1767 & had at least 1 son:
{5} James Armstrong b. Apr 1764 Sumter Cty. SC, d. Nov 11 1837 Columbia Tn, m. Mary Agnes Frierson (b. Nov 7 1759 Kingstree SC, d. Oct 18 1837 Columbia Tn) on Jan 13 1783 Kingstree SC & had at least 1 daughter:
{5} John Dial (altered from Irish surname Doyle) b. Jul 22 1753 Dublin, Ireland, d. Oct 17 1791 Newberry Cty, SC, m. Mary Montgomery (b. ~1756 Ireland, d. ~1850 Newberry Cty. SC) in 1782 in Newberry Cty. SC & had at least 1 son:

{6} Marmaduke Williams b. Feb 14 1768 Hillsborough NC, d. Sep 22 1834 Lexington Tn, 1st c/o John & Betsy Williams, is buried in the "Old City" section of the Lexington Cemetery with tombstone reading "Duke Williams, Son of John and Elizabeth Williams, Born Feb. 14, 1768, Died Sept. 22, 1834." He m. Ede Payne Harris (b. Sep 6 1775 Hanover Cty. Va, d. Nov 26 1816, d/o Tyree & Mollie Harris) on Nov 4 1790 & had 9 children:
{6} Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams b. Oct 15 1773 Orange Cty. NC, d. Aug 21 1841 Caswell Cty. NC, 3rd c/o John & Betsy Williams, m. Azariah Graves (b. Oct 29 1768, d. Mar 1 1850, s/o John & Isabella Lea Graves & a General during the War of 1812) on Jun 3 1790 & had 9 children
{6} James Thomas Allison b. 1757 Granville Cty. NC, d. 1821 College Grove Tn, s/o Robert & Jeanette Allison, moved to Williamson Cty. Tn, bought ~400 acres near College Grove & helped start a community along with the Ogilvie family. On May 3 1796 still in NC, he m. & brought with him to Tn, Nancy Ogilvie (b. Jun 14 1774 Granville Cty. NC, d. Jan 7 1849 College Grove Tn, d/o William & Mary Ogilvie) & had several children, incl.:
{6} John Sharp b. Apr 28 1752 Mecklenburg Cty. NC, d. Nov 1 1824 Rutherford Cty. Tn, s/o John & Jemima Sharp, was a Major in the Continental Army in the American Revolution. On Aug 4 1780, he m. Martha Young (b. 1760 NC, d. Nov 8 1821 Rutherford Cty, Tn) & had at least 1 son:
{6} Thomas E. Ridley b. Feb 16 1780 Sullivan Cty. Tn, d. Nov 16 1852 Grenada Ms, s/o George & Sarah Ridley, m. Margaret "Peggy" Harwood (b. 1781 Sussex Cty. Va, d. Jun 29 1828 Williamson Cty. Tn, d/o John & Mary Harwood) on Jul 6 1805 in Nashville Tn. & had at least 1 daughter:
{6} William Webb b. May 1 1745 Essex Cty. Va, d. Apr 11 1809 Granville Cty. NC, s/o James William & Mary Edmondson Webb, m. Frances Young (b. 1749 Essex Cty. Va, d. Feb 27 1810 Granville Cty. NC, d/o Henry & Rachel Smith Young) on May 1 1771 Granville Cty. NC & had at least 1 son:
{6} Jesse Dickins b. ~1765 Person Cty. NC, d. 1836 Person Cty. NC, s/o Robert & Mary Dickins, m. Frances Moore (b. Nov 5 1775 Cornwall NY, d. Mar 1819 Roxboro NC, d/o Stephen & Grizey Moore) on Nov 7 1791 in Caswell Cty. NC & had at least 1 daughter:
{6} Paul Fulton b. Jul 6 1776 Williamsburg Cty. SC, d. Sep 27 1840 Hale Cty. Al, s/o Paul & Sarah Fulton, m. Martha Montgomery Armstrong (b. Nov 7 1785 Williamsburg Cty. SC, d. Mar 30 1844 Hale Cty. Al, d/o James & Mary Armstrong) on Apr 19 1803 in Kingstree SC & had at least 1 son:
{6} David Montgomery Dial b. Oct 3 1785 Newberry Cty. SC, d. Sep 24 1834 Sumter Cty. Al, s/o John & Mary Dial, m. Jennett Spence (b. Oct 1 1783 Newberry Cty. SC, d. May 24 1855 Sumter Cty. Al, d/o Joseph & Mary Elizabeth Boyd Spence) in ~1808 in SC & had 13 children, the 2nd of whom was a daughter:

{7} Robert Harris "Gentleman Bob" Williams b. Oct 10 1796 Caswell Cty. NC, d. Sep 11 1880 Tx, 3rd c/o Duke & Ede Williams, moved with his older brother John to Matagorda Cty. Tx. in 1823 (Texas still part of Mexico) as one of Stephen Austin's "Old 300." He m. Mary Lawson White (b. 1815 Knoxville Tn, d. Jan 2 1888 San Antonio Tx, d/o B. J. White of Knoxville Tn.) on May 2 1833 & had 5 children:
{7} Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams b. Dec 18 1798 Hillsborough NC, d. Nov 22 1857 Lexington Tn, 4th c/o Duke & Ede Williams, named for his mother's uncle (see {5} Christopher Harris above), became a prominent attorney in Lexington Tn. & as a Whig, served as US Congressman from 1837 to 1843 & from 1849 until his retirement in 1853. Buried in the "Old City" section of the Lexington Cemetery with tombstone reading: "Christopher Harris Williams, Son of Duke and Ede Harris Williams, Born Dec 18 1798, Died Nov 22 1857, For Ten Years Member of US House of Representatives from this District". He m. Jane Allison (b. Nov 11 1804 Nashville Tn, d. Apr 2 1871, d/o James & Nancy Allison) on Dec 9 1819 in Williamson Cty, Tn & had 9 children:
{7} John McKnitt Sharp b. Nov 22 1795, d. May 20 1862, s/o John & Martha Sharp, given his middle name from his great-great-grandfather, built the Sharp family home on Cedar Grove Plantation near Benton in Yazoo Cty. Ms beginning in the late 1820's & completed in 1834. In the Mexican War begun in 1846, he was a Captain serving under Jefferson Davis. He died in the service of the Confederacy in 1862. On Apr 16 1825, he m. Sarah "Sally" Vincent Ridley (b. July 4 1807 Williamson Cty. Tn, d. Aug 31, 1834 Benton Ms, d/o Thomas & Peggy Ridley). After Sarah's death, in Dec 1835, he m. Mary Allison "Polly" Martin (b. 1799, d. Feb 17 1885, d/o James & Nancy Allison, sister of Jane Allison – the wife of {7} Kit Williams above & widow of Samuel Nesbit Martin), who – then twice widowed – raised the orphaned John Sharp Williams (the future US Senator) and his brother Kit. Polly became known in the family as "Grandma Sharp." Before Sarah's death, she & John had 5 children:
{7} Samuel Smith Webb b. May 1 1791 Granville Cty. NC, d. May 5 1861 Sumter Cty, Al, s/o William & Frances Webb, m. Ann Moore Dickins (b. Mar 11 1798 Granville Cty. NC, d. Apr 30 1861 Marion Ms, d/o Jesse & Frances Dickins) on Mar 12 1817 & had at least 1 son:
{7} William Frierson Fulton b. Aug 25 1805 Williamson Cty. Tn, d. Oct 3 1886 Gainesville Al, s/o Paul & Martha Fulton, m. Elizabeth Dial (b. Sep 14 1809 Newberry Cty. SC, d. Sep 26 1842 Sumter Cty. Al, d/o David & Jennett Dial) on Jun 17 1826 in Greene Cty. Al. & had at least 1 daughter:

{8} Christopher Harris "Dr. Kit" Williams b. Feb 28 1838 Matagorda Cty. Tx, d. Mar 27 1916, s/o Gentleman Bob & Mary Williams, became a well-known physician in coastal Tx. & served as an officer in the War Between the States. In 1865, he m. Theresa P. Herbert (d. Sep 13 1874) & had 4 children: 1 daughter m. James Spillman (or Spillane) & another m. Bert "Johnnie" Rugeley. On May 30 1881, he m. Alice B. Gunn Heidt (d. Jul 30 1899) & had 5 children incl. 1 son, Christopher H. "Kit" Jr. In 1914 at 76 years old, he m. Nannie Gunn in Bay St. Louis, Ms.
{8} Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams Jr, b. Mar 14 1830 Lexington Tn, d. Apr 6 1862 Shiloh Tn, s/o Kit & Jane Williams, was a well-known attorney living in Memphis Tn. who m. a Yazoo Cty. Ms. woman from a distinguished family, Anne "Annie" Louise Sharp (b. Sep 11 1832, d. May 23 1859, d/o John McKnitt & Sarah Sharp) on May 30 1853. In 1859, Annie died 1 month after giving birth to her 3rd child, Kit, and when her 1st & 2nd were 4 & 2, respectively. Single father Kit then left his children with his father-in-law & step-mother-in-law in Ms, was commissioned Colonel of the 27th Tennessee Infantry Regiment in the Confederate Army & was killed at the Battle of Shiloh, leaving 2 young orphan sons.  [This – the 2nd Kit Williams among ten in our family – was the man who initiated, maintained & passed down to me his Family Bible, transcribed here.]  Their 3 sons were:
{8} Robert Dickins Webb b. Nov 14 1824 Granville Cty. NC, d. Feb 23 1894 Benton Ms, s/o Samuel & Ann Webb, m. Julia Emaline Fulton (b. Dec 29 1834 Hale Cty. Al, d. Apr 10 1915 Yazoo Cty. Ms, d/o William & Elizabeth Fulton) on Apr 25 1853 in Sumter Cty. Al. & had at least 1 daughter:

{9} John Sharp Williams b. Jul 30 1854 Memphis Tn, d. Sep 27 1932 Cedar Grove Plantation, Benton Ms, s/o Kit Jr & Annie Williams (orphaned at 7 years old & raised at the "Sharp Place" by his step-grandmother, Polly, John McKnitt Sharp's 2nd wife, on Cedar Grove Plantation), was a prominent national politician in the Democratic Party, elected by the Yazoo Cty. Ms. area as their Congressman in 1892, selected as the Minority Leader of the US House in 1903 and served as US Senator from Ms. from 1911 until his retirement in 1923. On Oct 2 1877 in Livingston, Al., John Sharp m. Elizabeth Dial "Betty" Webb (b. Apr 23 1855 Sumter Cty. Al, d. Nov 28 1935 Yazoo City Ms, d/o Robert & Julia Webb) & had 8 children:
{9} Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams II b. Apr 19 1859 Memphis Tn, d. May 14 1926 Yazoo City Ms, s/o Kit Jr & Annie Williams (orphaned just before his 3rd birthday & raised with his brother at Cedar Grove Plantation by his step-grandmother) was for a time mayor of Yazoo City Ms. He m. Sallie Shelby Cocks (b. Aug 25 1858 NY, d. May 16 1935 Yazoo City Ms, Philip Gilbert & Eliza Lavinia DuBuisson Cocks) on May 8 1884 & had 7 children incl. Christopher Harris Jr. (b. Nov 20 1887 Yazoo City Ms, d. Oct 21 1939 Yazoo City Ms.)

{10} Robert Webb Williams b. Aug 23 1881 Livingston Al, d. ~1971, 2nd c/o of John Sharp & Betty Williams, m. Helen Schenck (b. 1886 Mo, d. Feb 2 1982 Goodman Ms) on Oct 26 1914 in Washington DC & had at least 3 children:
{10} John Sharp Williams Jr. b. Dec 15 1886 Yazoo City Ms, d. Jul 25 1949 Jackson Ms, 4th c/o of John Sharp & Betty Williams, m. Pauline Webb Nov 15 1911 & had 2 daughters:
{10} Allison Ridley Williams b. Aug 10 1891 Yazoo City Ms, d. Aug 27 1966 Vicksburg Ms, 6th c/o John Sharp & Betty Williams, was a successful inventor & engineer. In addition to inventing thermostatically-controlled brakes for jet airplanes, he worked on the secret Manhattan Project which created the 1st atomic bomb. He m. Elizabeth Busick Jones (b. ~1908 Ms) on Aug 29 1925 & had 2 daughters. After his 1st wife's early death, he m. Henriette Marie LeCorre, who had been the children's governess in the household
{10} Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams III (later dropped the suffix altogether) b. Jan 20 1896 Washington DC, d. Aug 31 1948 Memphis Tn, 8th c/o John Sharp & Betty Williams, m. Gladys Virginia Walter (b. Mar 8 1900 Brooklyn NY, d. Jul 16 1961 Memphis Tn, d/o Frank & Emma Walter[See my research on the Duryea-Murray-Walter line]) on Nov 3 1917 in Washington DC & had 5 children, the 1st two of which died in childbirth. The remaining are:

{11} John Sharp Williams IV b. Apr 8 1918 Washington DC, d. May 11 2007 Little Rock Ar, s/o Webb & Helen Williams, m. Harriett Holder (b. Nov 15 1919 Holmes Cty. Ms, d. Feb 5 1996 North Little Rock Ar, d/o Andrew Bowles & Mariah "Missie" Bridgeforth Holder) on May 29 1943 in West Philadelphia Pa & had at least 2 children
{11} Pauline Elizabeth Williams b. Oct 16 1912 Tx, d. May 13 2002 Yazoo City Ms, d/o John Sharp (Jr) & Pauline Williams, m. Joseph Hines Howie (b. Aug 2 1905 Jackson Ms, d. Mar 29 1995 Yazoo City Ms) on Mar 30 1935 at Cedar Grove Plantation, Benton Ms & had 2 children

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